Danger Awareness

Our Children Have A Right To Not Be Afraid!

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    What do you tell your child to do if Grabbed by a Stranger?  If your response was Scream,  you're WRONG!
It is important that your child understands that if grabbed by a stranger, they don't just cry and scream.  If your child does scream and cry, it could easily be diffused by the would-be abductor, who simply says in a loud voice, "When you get home, you're in big trouble".  When overheard by other people,  it appears that someone is scolding their child who now appears not to need help.  This allows the stranger to walk off with your child in broad daylight and in front of witnesses.

    Teach your child to scream as loudly as he/she can; "Help, help, this is not my parent!"  This will alert people in the area to come to your child's assistance.

After years of research, we have found answers ....that work! 


   Most children who are abducted are taken by someone they know.  Telling your child to stay away from strangers is not enough.  An abductor will simply tell your child, "your parent is hurt;  I will take you to them".  When your child hears this, he/she will likely relax their guard and leave with the person, even though they may hardly recognize them.  To prevent this possibility,  the parent needs to give their child a "Code Word" that only the parents and the child know.  If the parent wants someone to pickup the child,  that person is given the Code Word to use.  Once you decide on a Code Word,  it is a good idea to change it from time to time.  You need to make certain that what ever word is used,  it is easily remembered by you and your child.

Address & Phone Number

   Make sure your child can recite their full address and their phone number, including area code.

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Teach Your Child How to
Handle Emergency Situations

   In the case of an emergency, teach your child the 911 ABC's.  (A)-Pickup the phone and dial 911, (B) Tell the person who answers, where you are and what is wrong, (C) Don't hang up until the person tells you to.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings.

   Teach your child to be aware of his/her surroundings.  Keep their heads up and look around for anything that looks suspicious.  Don't walk near alleys or the back of buildings.  Take an alternate route if the one you're on looks unsafe or could be a hiding place for a predator.  Make sure that your child doesn't walk beside vans or trucks in parking lots.  It is easy for a predator to hide in these type of vehicles and grab a child as they walk by.  Work with your child to try and improve their self-confidence.  Predators rarely target kids who appear self-confident and aware.

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