Keeping Kids Safe

This DVD will show you how to keep kids safe through heightened awareness of the dangers they face, and application of the protective measures they can take to avoid victimization.

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Features include:
Popular lures used by predators and how to defeat them
How technology has increased the dangers our children face
Simple steps parents and guardians can take in advance to protect children from predators
How to recognize the signs of abuse and molestation. The proper steps to take avoid further harm
How to properly use "What If?" techniques
The top defensive countermeasures to teach children
Very affordable: only $29.95
Call: 1-888-750-SAFE(7233) for more information or to order a copy of "Keeping Kids Safe". You may also order this DVD online by clicking below.

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Rapid Child Rescue

Rapid Child Rescue

A highly secured online profile system that provides critical information and current photographs.

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Certified Agents

Certified Agents

Join the fight against those looking to harm our children by becoming an agent of the Kid-Safe Network.

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Women-Safe Network

Women-Safe Network

Learn how to recognize dangerous situations and teach advanced self-defense tactics for women.

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Take a look at short previews of some of our danger awareness and child safety videos.

Keeping Kids Safe Women-Safe Network  Child Escape Tactics

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