Education Programs

    Training young children and their parents about the fundamentals of "Danger Awareness" is one of the most critical aspects of "The Kid-Safe Network".

    Each year, thousands of young boys and girls are assaulted, raped, or kidnapped by a group of criminals called "pedophiles" who get their sexual gratification from using young children as their victims.

    The most likely victim is the child who is unaware of its surroundings or is unsure of himself and pays little attention to the possible dangers that surround them.

    "The Kid-Safe Network's Danger Awareness" program helps to teach youngsters and their parents how to become self-assured and confident and to understand how to deal with predators.  Our programs train the participants about the methods used by predators, "Predator Lures" to entice children to become a victim.

    We also outline the basic "predator profiles" so that children and their parents become aware of what to look for when strangers are close to the children.

    "Internet Safety"programs teach how children should use the computer in the home, where it should be located and the dangers of Internet Chat Rooms where children can make friends over the internet with unknown persons.

    Other programs teach the "ABC's of dialing 911" in an emergency, how to communicate on the telephone, and home, automobile and fire safety.

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Rapid Child Rescue

Rapid Child Rescue

A highly secured online profile system that provides critical information and current photographs.

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Certified Agents

Certified Agents

Join the fight against those looking to harm our children by becoming an agent of the Kid-Safe Network.

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Women-Safe Network

Women-Safe Network

Learn how to recognize dangerous situations and teach advanced self-defense tactics for women.

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Take a look at short previews of some of our danger awareness and child safety videos.

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Important Phone Numbers & Links

Safety Links

Click below for important emergency telephone numbers and Internet Links

  • County Sheriff
    Find the Phone Number of Your Local Sheriff's Department.
  • State Police
    Phone Numbers to Connect You to Your State Police.
  • FBI
    Phone Numbers for your local FBI Office.
  • Poison Control
    Find the Phone Number of the Poison Control Office in Your Area.
  • Canada
    Find Emergency Numbers in All Provinces and Territories of Canada.
  • Sex Offenders
    Get Information on the Registered Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood.