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    Children who are not prepared to handle dangerous situations become vulnerable targets for child molesters and other criminal predators.  Parents must work with their children to explain some of the potential danger that exists in everyday life.  Children must be taught to become more aware of their surroundings and what could possibly go wrong so that they do not become an unsuspecting victim.  There are several safety issues that we must take the time to educate our children about such as "street safety", "home safety", " auto safety" and "fire safety".

    Today's busy society often requires that both parents have to work and the young child has to come home from school to an empty house.  

There are several safety measures that children should undertake if left alone in this type of situation:

-First, when coming home,  check out the house as you approach to make sure it looks safe.

-Look to see if there are any strange cars or vehicles parked in the driveway or on the street nearby.  If there is, then go to the neighbor and tell them why you are afraid and have them call the police to check out the house.

-If you see a door open or a window open that shouldn't be,  go to a neighbor's house and tell them what you've found and let them call the police.

-Once you are safely inside the house,  lock all of the doors and make sure the windows are locked.

-NEVER answer the door or open it.  Look out the window or through a peep-hole to see whom is at the door.  If it is someone you don't know then call 911 and tell the police that you are home alone and there is a stranger at your door.  Let them check it out.

    When you answer the telephone, NEVER tell the person calling that you are home alone.  Tell them that your parents are busy and that you will take a message for them to call back later.

    As a family, you should have a plan of action if someone tries to break into the house when the child is home alone.  Work out the plan so that everyone knows where there is a safe place to hide.  Make sure that a telephone is placed in or near the hiding place.  If possible, use a cellular telephone so that the child can call 911 if the predator cuts the regular phone lines.

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